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How to List on NILEX?

Listing a small and medium-sized companies a process requires five stages:

  • The first stage
    The company that aims at listing on NILEX should sign a contract with one the Nominated Advisors (NOMADs) accredited by EGX. The Nominated Advisor is responsible for helping the company at the stage of listing, and is also responsible for monitoring the company's commitment to the disclosure rules and regulations; the nominated advisor will stay with the company for at least two years from the date of registration, during which the NOMAD is committed to conduct the research coverage of the company.
  • Second stage
    prepare for listing stage by submitting the required documents for the concerned department of EGX
  • Third stage
    The company prepares a study of the fair value of the shares through an independent financial advisor then gets the approval of The Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority (EFSA) on the methodology of the study. It also should publish its business and corporate governance reports after the approval of the listing committee.
  • Fourth stage
    The company offers a percentage of its shares for trading in the stock exchange according to its disclosure report or the prospectus after the approval of the Listing Committee to publish. Then, the IPO begins the process through the of market operations department.
  • Fifth stage
    Then comes the fifth and last stage, where the shares are traded in one of EGX markets where the operations committee defines first day of trading on the company as well as the opening price and the price limits waiving or not on the first trading day so that share price is determined according the bid and offer.

Listing on NILEX Guide (in Arabic)

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