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Listed Companies (Not traded yet)
Company NameReutersISIN CodeListing DateNominated Advisor
New Castle For Investment SportsNCIS.CAEGS729I1C01909/12/2015EAGLE ADVISORS
British Egyptian Company For General Development - GalinaBEGA.CAEGS30531C01503/02/2016Egy Trend Financial Consultant
Union Pharmacist Company For Medical Services and InvestmentUPMS.CAEGS3I1D1C01505/10/2016FEB CAPITAL FOR FINANCIAL SECURITIES
City Trade Securities And BrokerageCTSB.CAEGS681W1C01708/03/2017 

Listed Companies (Traded)
 ReutersISIN CodeListing DateNominated Advisor
Integrated Engineering Group S.A.E More Company's Details.
INEG.CAEGS3E3B1C01428/07/2014White House Securities
Arabian Rocks Plastic Industries More Company's Details.
ARPI.CAEGS3J2D1C01216/03/2016Egy Trande for Financial Consultancy
Genial Tours More Company's Details.
GETO.CAEGS415I1C01805/11/2014Thekat International company for financial consult
Egypt - South Africa for Communication More Company's Details.
ESAC.CAEGS48271C01824/12/2014White House Securities
International Business Corporation For Trading and Agencies More Company's Details.
IBCT.CAEGS550K1C01902/10/2012White House Securities
Port Saied for Agricultural Development and Construction More Company's Details.
PSAD.CAEGS521T1C01607/09/2011Eagle Financial Advisors for Securities
Marseille Almasreia Alkhalegeya For Holding Investment More Company's Details.
MAAL.CAEGS739Z1C01602/08/2011White House Securities
Univert Food Industries More Company's Details.
UNFO.CAEGS513B1C01630/03/2011First for Financial Consultancy
RIVA PHARMA More Company's Details.
RIVA.CAEGS384N2C01629/12/2010Fencorb Investment Holding
MISR.CAEGS3C4P1C01115/09/2010White House Securities
FERC.CAEGS385S1C01215/09/2010First for Financial Consultancy
Pharaoh tech for control and communication systems More Company's Details.
PTCC.CAEGS49131C01321/07/2010White House Securities
Misr Kuwait Investment & Trading Co. More Company's Details.
MKIT.CAEGS659O1C01521/07/2010White House Securities
Al Oroba Trading Mining and Supplying Company More Company's Details.
AOTM.CAEGS100D1C01310/03/2010First for Financial Consultancy
Al Moasher for Programming and Information Dissemination More Company's Details.
AMPI.CAEGS745W1C01110/02/2010White House Securities
International Company For Fertilizers & Chemicals More Company's Details.
ICFC.CAEGS520D1C01513/01/2010First for Financial Consultancy
Barbary Investment Group ( BIG) More Company's Details.
BIGP.CAEGS551D1C01715/10/2009White House Securities
UTOPIA More Company's Details.
UTOP.CAEGS655Y1C01715/10/2009Grand Investment
Al Bader Plastic More Company's Details.
EBDP.CAEGS3A2Z1C01511/06/2008Naeem Financial Investments
The Egyptian Modern Education Systems More Company's Details.
MOED.CAEGS729F1C01212/12/2012White House Securities
Al Fanar Contracting Construction Trade Import And Export Co More Company's Details.
FNAR.CAEGS221U1C01617/01/2013First for Financial Consultancy
International company For Medical Industries -ICMI More Company's Details.
ICMI.CAEGS3I0S1C01930/12/2012First for Financial Consultancy
Brothers Solidarity For Real Estate Investment&Food Security More Company's Details.
BSRF.CAEGS233E1C01215/05/2013First for Financial Consultancy
First Investment Company And Real Estate Development More Company's Details.
FIRE.CAEGS65AL1C01015/05/2013First for Financial Consultancy
Vertika for Industry & Trade More Company's Details.
VERT.CAEGS74801C01910/04/2013White House Securities
International Dry Ice Company- Difco 2 More Company's Details.
DIFC.CAEGS30AJ1C01620/11/2013Egy Trend Financial Consultant
Arab Development & Real Estate Investment More Company's Details.
ADRI.CAEGS65AN1C01810/09/2014First for Financial Consultancy
M.B Engineering More Company's Details.

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